spring budget 2014

In his recent spring budget for 2014, The Chancellor announced a number of changes, and a surprise on pensions. For more details please see here.

spring budget 2013

In his fourth budget, The Chancellor managed to produce a number of surprises, despite economic constraints.

spring budget 2012

In his third budget, The Chancellor unveiled a range of measures that left no doubt that the ‘age of austerity’ is not yet over.


spring budget 2011

After two Budgets and three Finance Acts in 2010, the 2011 Budget looked as if it might be a relatively mundane affair. In the event, it was anything but.


summer budget 2010

George Osborne described his first Budget as ‘the unavoidable Budget’ in which spending cuts outweighed tax increases by a ratio of 77% spending cuts to 23% tax increases.


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