Spring Budget 2017

The Chancellor’s first – and last – Spring Budget

The 2017 Spring Budget will be the last of its type. Probably.

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Spring Budget 2016

The third Budget in 12 months

This Budget looked as if it would be a difficult one for the Chancellor, faced as he was with disappointing economic numbers and the need to avoid ruffling feathers ahead of June’s in/out referendum. What was to have been the big announcement – reform of pensions – was kicked into the long grass a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, Mr Osborne did spring a few surprises, including some tax reductions.

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Summer Budget 2015

We’ve been waiting for this Budget with bated breath since the Conservatives won the election in May – and the Chancellor delivered a lot in his “big Budget” of Summer 2015. In many ways, Mr Osborne’s announcements this time around are more important than in March, as this Budget sets out many of the measures the Conservatives have wanted to put in place for some time.

Summer Budget

Spring Budget 2015

This year’s Budget was pretty political – which is no great surprise given the forthcoming general election in May. There can be little doubt that a number of the Chancellor’s measures were designed to attract voters. We heard lots of interesting announcements in this Budget but whether these proposals become legislation very much depends on the outcome of the election.

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spring budget 2014

In his recent spring budget for 2014, The Chancellor announced a number of changes, and a surprise on pensions. For more details please see here.

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